Ranch Day

We will visit the rural establishment Laguna Escondida, located 55 km from the city of Ushuaia.

All day
Pick up, drop-off, lunch
All year

In the heart of the Andes mountains, where we will participate in a traditional calf branding*.

*The "yerra".

The “yerra” (calf branding) is a festive gaucho celebration where livestock marking is done. For this, the animals are lassoed and using a hot iron they are marked by the brand of the Estancia. The animals are also pierced in their ears in order to identify them and thus have a way of knowing the number of the animals of the place. We will also castrate the young males that will not be used for reproduction and will take advantage of their immovability to apply of vaccines and deworming agents.

This traditional party is accompanied by a lamb and cow barbecue cooked outdoors.

Between mates and anecdotes we will discover the history of the Bronzovich family, arrived from Croatia in 1910.

The estancia began its cattle activity at the end of the 1950’s with the goal of breeding oxen in order to lower the logs from the mountain to the sawmill.

We will meet Chino, the foreman of the Estancia.

Who is in charge of the cows, bulls, horses and dogs of the place. At the same time, he will show us his gaucho skills for braiding and tanning leather.

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